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June 12-15th, 2018

We decided to share the play privately with an invited audience at "The Cell" in Chelsea to see what we had on our hands. The response was epic! Luckily we caught the lightening in a bottle by filming on the last day. Here are some photos of some special friends and colleagues who came to witness this moment in the play's journey.

Director Jessica Blank and actor Erik Jenson
Photographer Stephen Ciuccilo and guest
Actress Eleni Yiovas with Producer Eva Paris Cicinyte
Mark Fleming and Joanna Kurylo
Alexandra Darraby and guest
Leigh Peterson, Kelli Cross, and Claire Robertiello of Sotheby's Preferred with Producers Amanda Qui
Actor Jon Lindstrom and Producer Carole Shure
Artist Susan Woldman
Actor Julian Elfer and artist Susan Woldman
Producer Amanda Quinn Olivar with artist Elizabeth Phelps Meyer
Nancy Liasson and guest
Michael Rhea (R) and guest
Performance Artist Marja Samsom and guest DeBran Treu
Director Cady McClain with Marja Samsom and DeBran Treu
Lighting Designer Donna Larson
Actor/Artist James Kiberd with Director Christopher Goutman
Actress Susan Keith and Actor/Artist James Kiberd
Actor/Director Trent Dawson
Actress Julia Barr and husband Ritchie
Director Cady McClain
Catherine Banks (Axial Theater) and Stephen Baluzy
Catherine Banks and Rachel Jones
Michael Sklaroff and guest
Rachel Fraioli, Cat Banks, Levi Green
Rachel Fraioli, Cat Banks, Rachel Jones, Stephen Baluzy, Levi Green
Brittany Proia (Denizen Theatre Co-AD) and Director Cady McClain
Donna and Alan Weiner
Bram Lewis, Joannie Gilbert (Schoolhouse Theatre)
Lisa Apkon and Arthur Klampert (Axial Theater)
Harry Lipstein and Lisa Apkon
Amy and Joel Brill
Fwazia Khan and guest
Arthur and Betsy Klampert (Axial Theater Board President and Axial Managing Director)
Cynthia and Jeff Carpenter with Bob McAndrew
Director Cady McClain with Alexandra Darraby and guest
Producer Eva Paris Cicinyte with William Escalera and Francisco George
Playwright Howard Meyer and Director Cady McClain
Director Cady McClain with actors Meredith Garretson, Stephen Louis Grush, David Lanson, and playwri
Director Cady McClain with photographer/actor Donna Svennevick and Director Christopher Goutman
Director Cady McClain with husband Jon Lindstrom ("True Detective")
Director Christopher Goutman with Actor/Director Jon Lindstrom ("True Detective")
Playwright Howard Meyer with Producer Amanda Quinn Olivar
The Cell, West 23rd St, Chelsea NYC
Director Cady McClain and Producer Amanda Quinn Olivar
Director Cady McClain and Producer of "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct" Kate Super
4 Days at The Cell: Bio
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